June Pinterest insights: new hair shades, summer entertaining and self-care

beach ball floating in pool

Welcome back to Pinterest’s monthly insights newsletter! We’ve been busy thanking our Pinners for keeping us inspired, and, to keep the inspiration going, we are sharing top and trending searches¹ for the summer to help refresh your hair color, entertain friends, and keep self-care a top priority.

Color me in, color me out

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your hair and try something new. Lighten it up or go bold. Either way, here are the shades that are on the way out and what’s coming in hot.

woman with bright red hair

A more subdued blonde with a hint of grey is the new platinum:

A bright red vs. golden pink will bring the heat this season:

A different twist on color combos could be what you’re looking for:

  • Split hair color up 298%

  • Colorful ombre hair down 29% and opal hair down 43%

Summer entertaining

Summer is the season of… love? Relaxation? A good party? We think all of the above! Turn to Pinterest for endless ways to be the ultimate host or hostess. Whether it be a refreshing drink, or keeping the warmth going with a fire in the cooler evenings, we’ve got you covered.

refreshing drinks in mason jars lined up

Find your favorite summer soundtrack:

Fire the grill up or bring the sweets:

Switch up the decor:

Summer stylin’:

Don’t despair, do some summer self-care

With your summer plans of travel, friendly get-togethers, and fun in the sun, don’t forget to make time for some summer self care (+23%). The top search term “summer self-care challenge” shows people are looking for ways to keep their self-care routines going all season long. Here’s your guide to the best summer self-care.

sliced dragonfruit on a plate

Product tip of the month: the product Pin filter

Filter searches by “Product Pins” to see shoppable products for everything from “summer dresses” to “bathing suits”, “SPF lip balm” and more. These Pins will show current pricing and take you directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site.

woman in summer dress on beach


¹Trend increases are calculated using normalized searches from April 2018 to April 2019.

²P100 trends are calculated using normalized searches from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018.