Pinterest is committed to election integrity and civic engagement

Pinterest is deliberately engineering a more inspiring internet for all. We consistently make industry-leading choices and policy decisions to create a safe, inspiring environment where everyone can save and find ideas to create a life they love. 

And while most people don’t visit Pinterest with politics in mind, we believe civic engagement can be inspiring, and we want Pinterest to be a place where people can find credible information that inspires them to participate fully in their communities.

This election season, our commitment to combating misinformation is as strong as ever. From prohibiting political ads to removing election-related misinformation, we’re focused on fostering the positive and inspirational ideas that bring people to Pinterest every day.

In advance of the U.S. midterm elections this year, we’re taking further steps to strengthen our commitment to not only tackling false and misleading content that could interfere with civic engagement but also sharing reliable information on where and how to vote.

Actions we’re taking ahead of the elections include: 

Search Resource: When Pinners in the U.S. search on Pinterest for topics like voting or elections, we’ll show them a search advisory with the following message: “If you’re looking for information about the 2022 United States midterm elections, including where and how to vote, please visit” is a non-partisan resource where you can register to vote, check registration status, get an absentee ballot, and more.


Curbing the spread of misinformation: Fighting misinformation is complex and always evolving. It takes an entire ecosystem to support the effort, which is why we work with others in the industry as well as third party experts and organizations, like Graphika, a leader in network analysis. This collaboration supports the integrity of our platform as we hold ourselves accountable to our policies ahead of the elections. We will use our ongoing partnership to focus on topics like election fraud and other related misinformation narratives. 

Proactive Investigation and Content Review: We have a clear set of Community guidelines to explain what is and isn’t allowed on Pinterest, and a team that enforces them. Our Community guidelines prohibit false or misleading content that impedes an election’s integrity or an individual's or group's civic participation, such as registering to vote, voting, or being counted in a census. 

We don’t monetize elections-related content: Since 2018, we have not accepted political campaign ads on Pinterest. Additionally, during election seasons, we will not monetize election-related content. That means for the months surrounding the midterms we won’t show any ads when you search for common election-related search terms like candidate names, “vote,” and “election campaigns.”