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This week, we pair drinks with food, get dressed for fashion week, make Valentines Day a better experience for everyone, and end with a dachshund diss.


Power Combos - Food and Drink:

A weekend culinary date night indoors doesn’t need to be a disaster. In fact, use these cheat sheet pins to pair your dishes with wine and beer. It’ll tantalize the taste buds off your dinner company and set the mood straight. And if not, well hey, you can simply try another combination solo, right?


Love is in the air:

So if you haven’t been inside a department store or been witness to all the red this month, then let me remind you: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So if you’re either feeling warm on the inside or rolling your eyes at this holiday, Pinners Brandon Thompson and Brett Christensen have figured out a way to make February 14th feel a lot better for everybody -

A board with subtle hints for the other half:

A board with quick romantic notes, guaranteed to swoon the ladies:

Fashion week - street style from a schwinn:

Fashion Week 2014 starts in New York this week. What better way to dig deep into the history of style than to follow Bill Cunningham, a New York Times photographer, who has been a street photographer for decades. Currently 85 years old and still biking the streets on his schwinn photographing people, character, and culture. A tip from Pinner, Patsy Hatt. Be sure to catch his documentary thanks to this movie pin!


Getting lost in your eyes (GIF):

I hope everyone’s week is ending better than this relationship.


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—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny