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This week, we take our hats off in tribute to President’s Day, figure out how to enjoy V-day even if you’re riding solo, and chat about how to enjoy a long weekend.


Pinners give tribute to President’s Day:

Monday is President’s Day, which is a national holiday here in the US. Originally in honor of Washington’s birthday, it has now become a federal holiday honoring both Washington and Lincoln. Pinners are giving their tribute across Pinterest, like Kelly Smith, who shares a board to showcase a bit of history and how to honor our leaders, especially with some traditional food!

#Yolo solo or a bicycle built for two:

It’s Valentine’s Day today. So, if you’re flying solo or need to send a last minute token of affection, check out our Send a Valentine board. We got Pins for all situations.

Get out for a quick long weekend trip:

If you’re planning on getting some fresh air this long weekend, check out these boards from Pinners, Amanda EverettJohn Outen, and Lisa Jones on how to venture into the outdoors, game-plan for a mancation, or even plan a quick girls night out.

A quick mancation -

A relaxing girl’s weekend -

Enjoy the storm of the day:

If rain or snow is headed your way this week, check out how Pinners Katie Tibbetts and Deanna Smith embrace the downpour with beauty and seeing the brighter side of life.

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—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny