Pinterest Picks: Weekly Roundup 02/21/14

Every Friday, we showcase your favorite Pins and boards right here on the blog. They usually revolve around funny out-of-the box videos, pictures, and basically anything you guys send to me that’s popular or trending amongst the Pinterest community!

This week, we plan to get some sunshine, share some gardening tips, and talk about the best way to plan a music festival.



Spring is on the horizon and some of us can’t wait to take off our jackets, put our sunglasses on and enjoy some sunshine. Jodi Grundig is already brainstorming vacation ideas with her kids, while Aliyah Northington is motivating herself to iron out the holidays to get into a spring state of mind.

Or, if you already know where you want to go to get some fresh air like Valerie Treimer is planning from Portland to Seattle, check out her Place Board below and map out your own trip like she did. You can add your wish list spots to visit, include important information on the Pin, and even collaborate with your friends to plan your next adventure.

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Just because the trees are bare doesn’t mean your garden needs to be too! Heather MacLeanAbdullah KhamisGayle Leemaster and Rod Stead are already getting green by jump starting ideas for their backyards and even for indoor herb and vegetable arrangements.

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The best way to welcome the sunshine is with a little bit of music. Ticket sales for some of the largest music and interactive festivals are popping up, and Toni Kaplan and Eryn Cook are already creating boards on how to prepare for a long outdoors stay and rock-on with fellow music enthusiasts.

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I’ll see you back here next Friday.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny