Pinterest unveils slate of new product updates and ad solutions

Pinterest Presents 2023 global advertiser summit

Today, Pinterest announced a slate of new and updated products and features for users, advertisers, and agencies. 

The robust roadmap, shared at Pinterest Presents, its annual global advertiser summit, spans the entire consumer journey on the platform – from discovery, to decision, to do. These updates will enable advertisers to further tap into the unique commercial mindset of the Pinterest audience who come to the platform to find inspiration to take action.

“We are innovating faster than ever before with a robust slate of relevant, personalized products to reach consumers with intent, and we’re building with the goal to be the industry's best full funnel solution,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Pinterest. “We’ve made Pinterest more measurable from first impression to last click and we’re excited to share more about our new products that span the consumer journey, all in a more positive place online.”

Here’s a roundup of the biggest product news Pinterest shared today. 

More ad formats to reach and engage an audience full of intent

More than 465 million people come to Pinterest each month to discover products and services for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday and much more. Advertisers want to be discovered during these planning moments and there is a natural alignment with users who are actually seeking brands to inspire their next purchase.

Pinterest’s robust product roadmap includes a range of ad solutions designed to help brands and advertisers reach the consumers they care about and drive them from discovery to decision to do – all in a more positive place online:

  • Premiere Spotlight on search and home feed: Premiere Spotlight allows brands to exclusively own premium ad placements on the platform to promote their campaign for maximum visibility. Pinterest is now extending Premiere Spotlight from search to the home feed to help advertisers reach users from the moment they open Pinterest. Premiere Spotlight on search and home feed are now available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico.

Pinterest is extending Premiere Spotlight from search to the home feed to help advertisers reach users from the moment they open Pinterest.


  • Showcase ads: Showcase ads are a new interactive ad solution that allows users to preview and explore a brand's content by swiping through branded images. Brands can create rich, interactive experiences through the use of cards and features within the format. This adds more context and invites users to dive deeper in their exploration of the brand.

  • Quiz ads: Quiz ads offer a deeper level of personalization to a brand's idea on Pinterest. Brands can include up to three questions per quiz to create an entertaining experience for people to engage with and show consumers more personalized ideas, helping them to move deeper into decisions and toward a valuable purchase.

Showcase ads and Quiz ads are now available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. Other countries will gain access later in the year.

New features for agencies 

Pinterest also announced improvements to its automated business tools to help agencies and platform partners manage their clients' presence on Pinterest. This includes Pinterest's Business Manager, a tool for advertisers that helps them efficiently automate complex workstreams.

  • Business Manager: Pinterest Business Manager is a one-stop shop for agencies and advertisers to securely manage employees, partners, accounts and more. Pinterest is adding five new features to the tool that will help agencies and large advertisers manage their operations with greater efficiency, including comprehensive business dashboards to see the impact of their investments and new audience sharing features to save time and build on successful targeting tactics. Business Manager will be available in all countries with Pinterest ads later this fall.

A first look at Creative Studio 

Today, we shared a first look at Creative Studio. Creative Studio will give brands a speedy way to generate lifestyle imagery for product Pins. Brands will be able to simply add their Pin link, select the prompts that match their need, and Creative Studio will then generate a selection of custom background images.

Creative Studio will be available for testing with select US advertisers later this year. Brands who are interested in participating in early testing can reach out to the respective Pinterest team.

Making Pinterest more shoppable

55% of users see Pinterest as a place to shop1, making Pinterest not only the number one platform for inspiration2 but the platform people are coming to to shop the inspiration they discover. Shopping is now seamlessly integrated across all the core surfaces on Pinterest.

  • Mobile deep links and direct links: We recently introduced mobile deep links for Pinterest managed advertisers and are now adding direct links as new ways to help shoppers on Pinterest go from discovery to purchase while increasing conversion for retailers. Mobile deep links help to instantly direct users to a specific page in a retailer’s mobile app, making it easier to shop for products after clicking on a shopping ad. Direct links take people from a Pinterest ad to a retailer’s website with just one click, reducing the steps it takes for users to go from discovering a product to checkout. Direct links are available on select formats within consideration, conversion, and shopping campaigns.
  • eCommerce integrations: One of the best ways for retailers to generate growth on Pinterest is to upload product catalogs to the platform. Pinterest is now expanding its integration ecosystem with two new integrations for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce native applications to all monetized markets. These integrations allow merchants to manage their Pinterest product catalogs and set up directly within the applications they already use for Salesforce or Adobe.

Pinterest is also continuing to develop new ways for the people on the platform to find ideas, get creative and try something new. Today we gave a sneak peek at one of our newest consumer innovations.

A new way for Pinterest users to visualize and curate ideas

Collages are a new feature designed to help users personalize ideas, visualize the possibilities and creatively refine their vision to bring their inspiration to life. Leveraging the platform’s advanced visual technology, collages enable users to cut objects out of a Pin and combine them with other cutouts to create interactive collages of their favorite ideas. With collages, users can move beyond Pins and boards to see how different products come together and curate visual content that inspires them.  

A first look at collages, a new way for Pinterest users to visualize and curate ideas on Pinterest

A first look at collages, a new way for Pinterest users to visualize and curate ideas on Pinterest.

Collages bring a new, more immersive and joyful element to shopping on Pinterest. Brands interested can get started by updating their catalogs so users can add their products to collages. Collages are currently in early testing, and will be rolling out to users globally soon.

“People all around the world come to Pinterest to dream, manifest their future, and turn their inspiration into action. We’re excited to offer users a new visualization tool, built with Pinterest’s cutting-edge visual technology. With collages, Pinterest becomes a user’s personal sandbox for exploration, refinement, and visualization. Our vision is that all products will be shoppable in collages, just like everything else on Pinterest.” - Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer, Pinterest 

For more details on what was announced at Pinterest Presents 2023, check out the Pinterest Business Site for videos and more information.


1 Pinterest internal Data; In-product survey; US/UK/CA/AU/FR/DE/JP/BR/MX; Q1 2023 with average 30 day rollup

2 Custom Nielsen study commissioned by Pinterest. Custom Return on Inspiration survey was conducted between June 18 - 29, 2021 among Adults in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil.