Pinterest Launches Ads and Expands Shopify Partnership in Japan

Pinterest Launches Ads and Expands Shopify Partnership in Japan

Today, Pinterest is launching ads for all businesses in Japan. Businesses of all sizes now have access to multiple types of ad formats and targeting options in Japan to reach new audiences with meaningful, useful content as they discover ideas and plan new projects. Japan is the next country to launch as part of the global expansion of Pinterest’s ad program.

On Pinterest, brands are additive to the Pinner experience. People come to Pinterest to discover products and services, for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next holiday and advertisers want to be discovered. There is incredible harmony between them both. With Pinterest, you can inspire the decisions of consumers because commercial content enhances the Pinterest user’s experience. People come to Pinterest looking for products and services to plan their futures and build their lives

Because 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded and consist of 2-3 word queries, the majority of consumers are not typing a brand name into their searches, which is why Pinterest is such an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next purchase and haven’t decided on a brand. Pinterest is one of the rare platforms where it is truly possible for brands to engage with new customers who are intentional, open and making buying decisions.

We recently opened ads to a small group of Japanese businesses as early partners. Brands such as BAYCREW'S and Cowcamo have already seen success using Pinterest Ads to tap into an audience on Pinterest that is looking for what to try or buy next.

“Pinterest stands out as a positive environment where consumers come to find inspiration for what to do or buy next. We give businesses of all sizes an opportunity to connect with consumers early in their decision-making journey and we’re proud to expand our global advertising program to Japan. Our advertisers play an incredible role in enabling Pinterest users to turn inspiration into action so they can create a life they love, and we’re excited to enable Japanese businesses to now connect with our engaged audience through ads. - Kei Narita, Country Manager for Japan at Pinterest

Making Pinterest More Shoppable with Product Pins

Pinterest is also launching new features for businesses in Japan to reach people who want to go from finding ideas to making purchases.

Starting today, businesses in Japan can upload their full catalog to Pinterest and automatically turn their products into shoppable Product Pins. Enriched with metadata and formatted to let people on Pinterest know that they're shoppable, Product Pins feature the most up-to-date price, availability and product title and description from your website. By uploading their catalog of products to Pinterest, businesses can link directly to the product page on their site so Pinners can buy one of their products in just a few clicks. Product Pins are more discoverable in places like Home Feed, search, recommendations like Related Pins, and Lens camera search results.

Over the past years, Pinterest has been working with businesses of all sizes in Japan that are using Pinterest as a non-paid tool to engage with audiences who tend to be in a planning mindset and looking for inspiration and new products to try. Now, they will be able to reach and inspire even more consumers with their decoration ideas with targeted ads to help Pinners on their decision-making journey.

As a place to get inspiration and plan for life’s moments, Pinterest has always been a more positive place, with nine out of ten Pinners describing Pinterest as filled with positivity (Talk Shoppe, Emotions, Attitudes, and Usage Study). Pinterest strives to create more positive environments for consumers, and therefore brands.


Shopify Partnership Expansion

Shopify Partnership Expansion

Pinterest is expanding its partnership with Shopify to Japan. Now, Shopify merchants in Japan have an easy way to bring their products to Pinterest and turn them into shoppable Product Pins that are discoverable across the platform. 

The Pinterest channel on Shopify provides frictionless access to Pinterest shopping features including tag deployment, catalog ingestion, and advertising buying interface, without the need to edit code or deploy resources on their own site.

Small-to-medium-sized businesses with shops on Shopify will have easy set-up and access to distribution across Pinterest either organically or through ads, as well as reporting and results to maximize reach. Thanks to this integration, SMBs will save time to set up shop on Pinterest and will be able to showcase their products to a global monthly audience of more than 400 million people, many of whom come with the intent to shop and discover new products. 

“The future of commerce is being everywhere that consumers spend time. At Shopify, our job is to make this possible by giving Japanese merchants the ability to market and sell in multiple places while removing the complexity of managing various channels. By expanding our global partnership with Pinterest, Japanese merchants can now access the Pinterest channel to create targeted, audience-building campaigns all without leaving Shopify. This is particularly important for Japan’s small and medium-sized merchants to help them thrive by creating new opportunities for discoverability among Pinterest’s 400M+ users around the world.” Makoto Tahara, Country Director and Head of Japan at Shopify

Following is the quote from one of our early partner Tsukuruva Corporation, which they plan, develop and run “cowcamo”, end-to-end real estate brokerage platform for used and renovated properties:

“Pinterest Ads have enabled us to reach our initial target of users interested in renovations at an early stage. We were able to significantly increase our reach while reducing costs and exceeding our goals. In the future, we plan to utilize Pinterest Ads in a wide variety of situations by considering the use of advertising materials that match the characteristics of Pinterest and the implementation of comparison study campaigns that can approach more interested communities.” — Atsushi Yomoda, Manager of Marketing at Tsukuruva 

With the launch of ads in Japan, Pinterest is continuing the global momentum for its advertising program.

For more details about advertising on Pinterest and our launch in Japan, check out the Pinterest business site for more information:​​