Pinterest’s Support for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is devastating and Pinterest stands in support of the millions of people affected across the region. As the situation in Ukraine continues to unfold, we are prioritizing humanitarian aid for people affected and working to keep our platform safe from disinformation.

Providing Humanitarian Aid

Helping communities in times of need is core to Pinterest’s philanthropic and social impact efforts. Pinterest is donating USD $250,000 to the International Rescue Committee, an organization with over 85 years of experience supporting refugees and providing lifesaving aid to crisis-affected families. Our donation will support the Crisis Response Fund focused on providing critical services and supplies for refugees and the continued integration of mental health in the IRC’s humanitarian work in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. To provide a trusted way for Pinners to be inspired to donate, Pinterest has launched a special donation Pin that appears across the Pinterest platform, inviting Pinners to donate directly to the organization. We also established a Ukraine Humanitarian Support Fund with multiple organizations for employees to contribute and Pinterest is matching all employee donations 2:1.

Combating Disinformation

Pinterest isn’t a place for misinformation or disinformation, or the individuals or groups spreading or creating it. We already have strong policies in place to ensure we’re keeping our platform safe. We’re continuing to monitor the platform very closely to keep disinformation off Pinterest and are informing our decisions with credible information from outside experts and third parties. 

Additional Actions

We're closely following requirements being issued by the EU and other governments as it relates to state-sponsored media and we will continue to remain in line with these requirements. We do not have an office in Russia and we do not offer our advertising in the country. 

Our thoughts and hearts go out to Ukraine and we will continue to find ways to further support.