Pride 2019: Celebrate yourself with Pinterest

Born this way jean jacket at pride parade

With Pride Month kicking off soon, people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration to celebrate their identity, discover the best Pride parade looks and find products to express themselves at celebrations around the world. We looked at our data to find the top topics Pinners are searching for-- from pansexual pride, to coming out ideas, to quotes by the famous RuPaul! Be sure to check out our Pride 2019 Pin Picks board for more.

We also recently chatted with Rachel, who used Pinterest as a safe place to embrace her coming out:
A friend said to me recently, "you just are more comfortable in your skin and just more you." And that's true. Pinterest has definitely been a part of that process. It's a safe place to explore. There's an audience of potentially millions, but I feel like I'm in a room where I've curated all the things, all the beautiful things that I want to be there. So it becomes a playground of my own making." - Rachel

Pride-spiration on the rise

Every year, people increasingly come to Pinterest in June to search for the best inspiration to celebrate Pride. Searches on “pride” increased 2930% from June 2016 to June 2018, as global celebrations continue to grow in popularity¹.

Top interests show that Pinners are looking for quotes and memes for inspo to live their best life and ideas to prep for the parade, with “pride outfit,” “pride makeup,” “gay pride,” “pride quotes” and “bi pride” as the top searches.

Searches on "pride" over time

Living loud and feeling proud

Rainbow rompers, glitz and glitter, or shirts that tell the world you are embracing you and everyone else can deal -- here are a few top trends and products to show your pride².

Check out this LGBTQ Achievements board from Human Rights Campaign to see people from the LGBTQ community living loud and proud!

Hitting your stride with Pride

Fly, Girl became a space where I could explore how I might want to present differently to the world and how I may want to move differently in my skin. - Rachel

This year in particular, there have been more and more searches on pansexual pride, coming out in a way that works for you, and embracing your inner identity²:

Take a look at this LGBT Resources board from PFLAG International!

Drag life for your best life

There have been millions of saves from Pinners looking to hit their best drag look, and top searches include drag makeup tutorials, costumes, funny memes, quotes and art. Here’s a couple makeup tutorial videos we love:

Searches on drag queen RuPaul have increased 1071%² since last year! Check out the top searched queens³ from RuPaul’s drag race show.

Top Searched Drag Queens

Pride Product Tips

When Pride Month begins, searching “Pride” will light up suggested searches in all the colors of the rainbow!

Also look for curated collections of Pride Pins that will pop up at the top of search results and make it easy to explore some of the latest Pride ideas.

Rainbow pride search suggestions

¹ Top searches related to “pride” from January ‘18 to April ‘19.
² Percent increases are calculated using normalized searches from April ‘18 to April ‘19.
³ Top searched drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race Show from January ‘18 to April ‘19.