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We recently unveiled the top fashion looks for spring, and now we’ve got some of the most saved-and-searched hair and makeup ideas. Read on for ways to answer the beauty call this spring.

The eyes have it

Swap out those dark, wintry palettes and dab on some glossy eyeshadows (+137%). They’re the perfect way to get a dewy new you.

She’s got stars on her eyes: stamp eyeliners (+335%) come in all different shapes, and are a fun way to try some temporary body art.

About face

You make me blush! Instead of using bronzer, give your cheeks a more subtle glow with blush contouring (+52%).  

It’s okay to color outside the lines—this spring, it’s all about using lip tints and oils to achieve a just-kissed, smudgy smacker (+47%).

Spray it forward with hydrating face mists (+217%). They’re a refreshing pick-me-up you won’t want to put back down.

Contemporary claws

Cat eye nails (+792%) have made it off the catwalks and on to Pinterest. Take a fresh twist on this look with a geometric finish.

Top trends for hair

From quick fixes to brand new ‘dos, there’s locks to love this spring

Low side parts (+88%)

Headbands (+38%)

Platinum blonde (+71%)

Short bangs (+85%)