We’ve already told you about the three languages we started offering this week: HindiGreek and Hungarian. Next up: Romanian!

Pinterest is now translated for our Pinners in Romania, the seventh most populous country in the European Union. Take a look at some of the Pins you’ll find from Romania:


Travel to Romania

There’s lots to see and do in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Another popular tourist location is Bran Castle, also known as the home of Dracula. Get inspiration for your travels through Romania from existing boards.

Romania place pins board

Romanian cuisine

Creating Romanian food in your own kitchen is simple. Get inspired by our improved recipe search to find delicious dishes like papanași, tochitură and more.

Romanian cuisine, papanași, tochitură and more

Pop culture

There are many notable celebrities who are from Romania. Gheorghe Zamfir, known for his work on the soundtrack of Kill Bill and many other pan flute songs comes from Romania. There’s InnaAlexandra Stan, and Antonia Iacobescu for pop music, and of course, gymnast Nadia Comăneci, who was the first woman to get a perfect 10 at the Olympics. Create a board and collect interesting information about Romanian luminaries—check out the one Pinner Deedabk already started.


Thank you for following us this week through our travels throughout the world. Stay tuned for more language launches next week!

—Cristina Petrovici, Software Engineer, Currently pinning to Pour l’amour de la France