Share your travel #Pinspiration

Here at Pinterest, we’re all about discovering and experiencing new places. In fact, a lot of us have place boards of our adventures around the world. This has prompted a huge map in our lobby, us launching in different languages like Korean and Indonesian, and a major itch for travel

Now, we want to hear about your travel pinspirations. Tweet us your pinspirations to @Pinterest this Friday, February 7th, between 10-11am PST. Need a little travel spark? Our Pincierge will send you a Pin or a board to help fuel your vision. Just add the hashtag #Pinspiration to your tweet and ask away.


Here are a few conversation topics buzzing around the office that’ll help you with an initial excursion brainstorm:

  • travel destination bucket lists
  • travel activities
  • adventure and thrills
  • landmarks
  • amazing architectures
  • delicious dishes
  • wild animals
  • exclusive hotels
  • visiting colleges and universities
  • seeing family and friends
  • experiencing a new city


And here are a few boards we found that are at the top of our #pinspiration travel list:


Wonders of the world

Road tripping cross country

International nom-noms

How to travel on a budget

We’re eager to seeing you on Twitter and learning about your travel year!

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny