Illustration of Pinterest fashion trends

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is still a few weeks away. But if you’re tired of living in Groundhog Day with your winter wardrobe, start planning ways to give your closet a refresh with Pinterest. With over 16 billion fashion ideas, there are tons of looks to explore, but we’ve crunched the numbers to find the top fashion trends this spring.




From tops to trousers, airy hues are in the air. Lighten up with a lavender (+98%) ash rose (+105%), muted yellow (+61%) and pale green (+49%) palette.

Feeling light and breezy isn’t just about color—sheer fabrics are also in. Get a layered look with transparent tops (+58%) and sheer socks (+72%, and a Pinterest 100 trend).  

Balance out all those light colors and floaty fabrics with some dark denim (+101%).

This must-try is also a must-touch. Satin (+242%) has been putting the fab back in fabrics on runways.

Steee-ripe! Hit a home run with statement stripes (+206%) of all kinds, from black and white ones to mix-and-matched lines.


Put a little spring in your step by slipping on a pair of kitten heels (+455%)—they’ll give you an extra lift without needing to break out the stilettos (or your ankles).

Now that the days are getting warmer, give your little piggies some room to breathe with lightweight, natural flats like woven mules (+236%).

Business in the front, party in the slingback! Slingback shoes (+87%) are a great way to add a casual element to a put-together look.

Whether it’s white booties (+193%) or white slides (+114%), these minimalist shoes are still trending, so don’t be afraid to put your white foot in and shake it all about.


No more ho-hum hemlines here: asymmetrical skirts are on their way up (+69%).

It’s not quite swimsuit season yet, so if you still need a warm layer, belted coats (+78%) make looking elegant a cinch.

Does your look need a little extra je ne sais quoi? Fringes (+56%) have gotten off the sidelines and onto tops and bags.

Hi, waist! High-waisted pants (+293%) are universally flattering, and you can rock them in any  cut, from cropped jeans to wide-legged trousers.


Add this to your fashion bucket list: mini bucket bags (+67%) are a fun take on a perennial favorite.

Get in shape with geometric earrings (+169%). They strike the perfect mix of bold, playful and classic.