Summer entertaining report

Summer is a time to celebrate. Whether you’re planning a casual get-together with friends or a full blown warm weather celebration, Pinterest is the one stop shop that’s bound to make you this season’s entertaining aficionado.

This year, we took a look at what Pinners are searching and saving as it relates to summer entertaining. From stargazing parties (+192%) to water bars (+171%) there’s something for everyone to try as the weather warms up. However you decide to entertain this season, Pinterest is the place to start. Check out our Summer entertaining 2018 board for these trends and more.

Entertaining essentials

  • The sky’s the limit this summer as people look to the stars for some gazing good fun with stargazing parties (+192% since Jan 2018).

  • Gather up your favorite sea bites for a seafood boil (+93% YoY) that’s as fun as it is delicious.

  • Dress up your dressings with creative condiment displays (+311% YoY).

  • Give your dinner party a green touch with simple botanical place cards (+79% YoY).

  • Let your guests customize their bites with a bruschetta bar (+159% YoY).

  • Edible table runners (+125% since Jan 2018) are the new cheese board. Whether you’re planning a brunch with friends or a formal dinner with family, this tablescape is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  • Create a water bar (+171% YoY) at your next gathering and help your guests hydrate with a variety of flavors.

Backyard must-haves

  • Globe bulbs (+276% YoY) are a decor trend we’ve seen for awhile and people are bringing this aesthetic right into their backyards.

  • Create a space for your friends and family to enjoy at home with a DIY pizza oven (+68% YoY).

  • No backyard? No problem. Make your space work for you with a patio party (+123% YoY).

  • Make your backyard a beer garden with a beer garden party (+638% YoY).

  • Need a place to hang while watching stars? Try a hanging daybed (+142% YoY).

Summer food and bev

  • Avoid turning into a full-time bartender and keep the drinks flowing with big batch cocktails (+60% YoY).

  • Get creative with vino as the summer heats up with white wine slushies (+3037% YoY).

  • We’re seeing pepper cocktails (+347% YoY) hit menus at our favorite restaurants—why not create them at home?

  • Strike up the BBQ with grill bombs (+133% YoY), a recipe that’s a breeze to whip up and bursts with flavor.

  • Try some picnic pies (+78% YoY) for a quick way to get your food to go—plus, they’re easy to pack in picnic baskets.

  • Take a twist on a classic with waffle ice cream sandwiches (+143% YoY), a waffley good way to keep your guests cool as the days heat up.

Parties on the go

  • Take your party to go. We’re seeing a rise in nature getaways (+337% YoY) as people search for ways to bring their parties outdoors and into nature.   

  • Keep those picnics eco-friendly with reusable utensils (+221% YoY).

  • For an easy way to keep wine glasses upright during your next picnic, try a wine stakeholder (+132% YoY).

  • Customize your meal and toss it in a jar to keep things organized and spill free with a picnic in a jar (+346% YoY).

For the kiddos

  • Find a way to keep the kids entertained and create a shared experience you can work on together with summer craft parties (+83% YoY).

  • Not your typical hopscotch, sidewalk chalk art (+170% YoY) is an artform the whole family can enjoy.

  • Fresh fruit popsicles (+185% since Jan 2018) keep it healthy yet appetizing for the kids this summer.

  • Try a mini paper kite (+291% since Jan 2018) this summer—perfect for a craft party or to keep the kids entertained and outside.

  • Is the weather not cooperating with your summer plans? Not to worry. Bring the summer experience inside with indoor camping (+287% YoY).