Back-to-school collage

We know that lots of people use Pinterest to get ready for going back to school or college. There are boards for everything from first-day outfits to must-have study supplies. Back in the day, Flintstones lunch boxes and brightly colored Trapper Keepers were the definition of cool for school.

Want to know how 2015 compares? We compiled this year’s biggest back-to-school trends from top searches, top Pins and Pinfluencer insights. Here’s the list:

1. Pouches as the new purses—tech cases that earn extra credit.

2. Boots made for combat—and walking to class.

3. Lunches outside the box—sandwiches have left the building.

4. Artful notebooks—cover designs you can buy or DIY.

5. Comeback packs—heritage backpacks are back in a big way.

6. Backpack fresheners—to keep those backpacks so fresh and so. clean.

7. DIY stickers—this newfound love for stickers isn’t going anywhere.

8. Homework stations—organizing ideas for a smarter workspace.

9. T-shirts with a sense of humor—hitting the books doesn’t have to be serious.

10. Nice notes—try etching one into a banana.

Christine Schirmer, Consumer Communications, currently Pinning to Sam-I-Am.