Pinsights Trend forecast

Cure the end-of-summer blues with a fresh batch of new trends to try. Read on to see the latest in style, beauty and food.

Food or dye

They say you are what you eat, but some people are taking that literally. Saves around food tattoos are up more than 800% YoY in the U.S., and people are getting permanently inked with tiny popsicles, egg and bacon crossbones and their one true love—donuts.

Is chicken the new bread?

Ketogenic recipe searches are up more than 750% in the U.S. with Pinners looking for new twists on low-carb eats. This chicken crust pizza recipe has been saved more than 12,000 times since it popped up on Pinterest a few months ago.


Freaking out over freckles

Glitter freckles are making their beauty mark this summer, especially on the festival scene, with saves up more than 85% YoY. For a more everyday look, people are saving natural makeup ideas that highlight their for-real freckles and skin, rather than cover them up.

Nothing but net

The bag that’s going to carry you through the rest of the summer, is the net bag. Particularly popular in Germany, this shopping-bag-turned-it-bag has been making waves across the Atlantic, and some styles even cost less than a cup of coffee.

Okay, I want to try everything.


—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to Inked