Fall is officially here, so please pass me a very large turmeric latte. The change in seasons means a new crop of trends to test drive, and we don’t want to miss a thing. Here’s a rundown of the rising ideas on Pinterest right now.


This will be the tattoo of the year

Up 70%, watercolor tattoos are really sticking it to the basic black designs. Maybe because they’re so blooming PRETTY? Here’s some inspo to take to your tattoo artist before everyone else does.  


The best road trip you’ve never heard of

Leaf peeping is the latest travel phenomenon about to insta-fill your social feeds with the most unreal scenery. Grab a friend and be one of the firsts to snap the brilliance of Multnomah Falls in Portland, the 78-year-old Blue Ridge Parkway or the Northeast nooks where cars CAN’T go, thanks to Amtrak’s historic Great Dome train car. Consider this your official road trip guide for fall.


The drugstore makeup you need right now

Forget everything you think you know about the drugstore. Quality products are there, and many are UNDER $10. Case in point: this $6.99 eyebrow gel. Here are the top products to pick up on your next Target run.


Yes, we’re (still) bacon-obsessed

It is universally acknowledged that the easiest way to improve a meal is to put bacon on it. Here are the best better-with-bacon recipes we (and 600,000+ Pinners) are shamelessly addicted to. BRB, getting more bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken.


—Christine Cassis, Editorial Curation Manager, currently saving ideas to PINS + PATCHES