Summer dinner table party

You’ve probably been thinking of ways to get outside and get some fresh air since January. But hosting an al fresco anything isn’t easy. Thanks to millions of party-planning Pinners, we have the scoop on the summer-ready ideas to help you host the best bash or everyday celebration. Here are a few highlights from our recent summer entertaining report.

Party in the front


This summer, it's all about hanging out, out front. Turn your front porch into a front deck, or add a fire pit or decorative tiles, to the yard. These style upgrades increase curb appeal and give off good neighborly vibes.

Take the inside out


Think about how you furnish and accessorize an indoor room, and apply it outside. You can literally bring your upholstered furniture or gallery wall outside, even if it’s only temporary.

Easy eats


First things first, pour yourself a drink. Next, put out some fruit and dip for people to nosh on while they arrive. Hollow out a lemon, use the rind as a serving bowl and fill with melon and mint. Then, it’s time to get grilling. Let your guests build their own BBQ bowls with a spread of fresh fixings.

Lawn game alternatives


If you don’t have a yard to play outdoor games, gather your gang around a mini fire pit and knit. Plant embroidery livens up a space with greenery, and bonus: you cannot kill these plants.

Aimee Bidlack, currently saving ideas to HOME