World's fare graphic of donut and drumstick

If we’re going to crunch numbers, we’re going to crunch ones related to fun stuff—like food and booze. Who put Coca-Cola in their meatballs? WTF is survival bread? Who’s still drinking Peach Schnapps? Read on for answers to these questions, and more


World's fare map

One nation, under food

Americans like to eat. A lot. In fact, food is our #1 category with over 15 billion ideas, and every month, 150 million people come to Pinterest. So what’s everyone hungry for?

We chewed through the food ideas people saved in each state to see what’s over-indexing relative to the rest of the country. Here are a few *highly scientific* insights:

• An unexpected ingredient is popping up in ArkansasCoca-Cola (try the meatballs, trust us)

• Peach Schnapps tortured everyone in highschool, but apparently Pennsylvania was unaffected

• Don’t mess with Texas, or a good thing like stuffed avocados

• Colorado, don’t bogart all the carnitas tamale pie, man

• If SHTF, Alaska will be ready with their stash of survival bread

• “First cheese, then puppy chow” said a lot of people in Wisconsin

• We’re getting drunk just thinking about New Jersey and all that sangria

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What about the rest of the world?

We looked at the food ideas in 16 popular cities around the globe, and the results were not what we expected. Bordeaux can’t get enough krispie treatsSydney eats a lot of spaghetti squashMunichloves chicken fried rice.

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World's fare international map

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I've got Coca-Cola meatballs to make and Peach Schnapps to drink.

—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to FOOD PORN