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Here at Pinterest, we believe that trying something new, big or small, can really be transformative. That’s why we recently launched What if Wednesday—our new program to turn the weekday slump day into a day of trying something new.

To participate, just challenge yourself to try one new thing this week. It could be anything—that daring haircut you’ve been contemplating, a twist on your weekday uniform, or a new ingredient you’ve been meaning to play around with.

When you do bring an idea to life, we want to hear about it! Just add a photo or note to the Pin you tried to show how it turned out. And remember, the outcome doesn’t have to be perfect. Win, fail, whatever—What if Wednesday is all about the thrill of the try.

To celebrate those people who already decided to take the leap, we’re rounding up some of our favorite tries this week.  


Draw it yourself

We were delighted to see that lots of people are trying art Pins and sharing their work with other Pinners. People have found cool sketches—like this one by illustrator Cameron Mark—and used them to practice their own pencil skills.


So many ways to chocolate chip

Food has always been a top category on Pinterest, so it’s no surprise that lots of people are sharing the recipes they’ve tried.

Hundreds of people have tried these perfect chocolate chip cookies and made their own modifications based on what they had on hand. Some people added a teaspoon of finely ground coffee, used cake flour instead of regular flour or swapped white sugar for brown.


A whole range of mountains

We’ve seen a lot of bigger projects too, like this DIY mountain mural. Our favorite part is seeing how each person tweaked the original idea so it worked for them—like painting the sky pink or adding fluffy clouds.

Savefrom Uploaded by userIf you like simplistic, this is more than doe able! ...and when Peanut wakes, it will move mountains! ...we can still do kites and balloons and an occasional charachter. Just not in your face with it!38K+25tiffanyTop tries

What’s your What if this week? Give something a try and then show us how it turned out. We’d love to see it!


– Tiffany Chao, currently trying ideas from look book