A brief history

Pinterest is the visual discovery engine. It is where you find and do what you love. With Pinterest, you can discover useful and relevant things that inspire you to do stuff.

It all started in 2010 when three entrepreneurs came together. Their goal was simple: to create something that they thought was useful and that a few other people would find useful, too.

It began as a tool to help people to collect the things that they were passionate about online. But it soon became apparent that the real joy was getting inspired by what other people shared and applying that inspiration to their own lives.

Pinners began using the platform to answer everyday questions like ‘What should I cook?’ and ‘What should I wear?’ They also used it for epic goals like getting a tattoo or building motorcycles. Whatever the interest, people have told us that life gets a little bit better when they can use these ideas to make more of their moments.

Today, more than 300 million people come to the platform every month to explore and experience more than 200 billion ideas that have been saved. We’re proud to help people to discover and do what they love. And the really exciting part is that we are just getting started.

Our headquarters are in San Francisco, California in the USA. We have over 2,000 employees in offices around the globe, including Atlanta, Berlin, Chicago, Detroit, Dublin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle and Tokyo.

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Pinterest is the visual discovery engine. Our mission is to give everyone the inspiration to create a life that they love.