Pinterest Travel Trends 2022

Summer 2022 is set up to be one of the biggest travel seasons ever as people are making up for the last two years and are eager to explore new destinations, get inspired by nature, and discover ways to give new meaning to the concept of camping and beyond. 

More than 63 million people engage with travel content globally on Pinterest, which makes it one of the biggest platforms for planning and searching for new travel ideas to take inspiration to action. Searches for “travel inspo” increased by +87% during mid-March to mid-April alone and are continuing to rise. That's why Pinterest has teamed up with Campspot - leading online marketplace for premier RV resorts, family campgrounds, cabins, glamping options, and more  - to share the top trends for 2022 Summer travel!

Check out this summer's leading trends and plan the perfect camping itinerary with our Campspot + Pinterest board: your one-stop-shop to plan your trip with Pinterest and book your stay with Campspot! And don’t forget to download The Campspot Outdoor Almanac or sign up to have it sent straight to your door.


Lake it til you make it

Pinners are eager to post up lakeside with searches for lake day outfit 2X and boat day essentials +66% as one of the leading searches for summer travel. 

Book a lakeside stay at one of these popular Campspot locations:

Celestial celebrations

Add stargazing to your camping agenda. Pinners are eager to travel to destinations under the stars with truck bed date under the stars  +38% and constellation map +37%

Get ready to chart your stars in one these Campspot settings:

Safe space for all the feels

Camping isn’t just a trip. Camping is a lifestyle—and a powerful one. In fact, 96%* of campers say camping improves their mental health, and +91% cited relaxation as their reason for taking a camping trip and Pinners are searching for ways to connect with mother nature as searches for beach yoga poses  +55% and outdoor meditation +38% are just a couple the ways Pinners are bringing some relaxation into their travels. Check out the perfect destination to help you kick back and relax:

Peaceful and idyllic Campspot locations to relax and unwind:

Glamp it up

Rough it the easy way on your next getaway. Camping glamping 3X is on the rise on Pinterest along with searches for new camper checklist  2X to help out those who might need to ease their way into their travels

Go no further than one of these Campspot locations to ease your way into camping:

Picture perfect

Bring one of your favorite hobbies with you on your trip and capture some new scenery. Pinterest searches have increased for night camping photography  +86% and smoky mountains photography  +32%. 

Plan the perfect scenic getaway and don’t forget to pack your camera:   


Pinterest has endless recipe ideas for the great outdoors and Pinners are looking to keep it simple and FUN with with easy camping food ideas  3X, outdoor smores bar 3X, campfire nachos  2X and beach bucket drinks  2X ideas on the rise.

Bring some great recipes with you on one of these bookings:

Top 5 National Parks on Pinterest 

Plan your next stay at one of the top trending National Parks on Pinterest!

  • New River Gorge National Park +70% 
  • Serengeti National Park +34%
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park  +34%
  • Kings Canyon National Park  +33%
  • Mammoth Cave National Park  +32%

Plan it easily

Planning a trip is a daunting task. Where do you even begin? On Pinterest, people can use a bunch of useful tools for project planning their next vacation. This includes tools to organize the best dates to travel on a timeline and set reminders, adding personal notes on selected Pins, select their most liked Pins on a board to get new ideas and locations or simply create a group board with your friends or family members. For sure new ideas can pop up!


Methodology: Pinterest: Internal data; Global; January, 2022 to March, 2022