Our H1 2021 transparency report


Today, we published our latest transparency report, covering the first half of 2021. The report highlights information on our efforts to moderate content on our platform, including the number of Pins that we deactivated for violating our policies and the information and deactivation requests that we received from law enforcement and government agencies. 

Millions of people turn to Pinterest as a positive source of inspiration, and we understand how important it is that content on our platform supports emotional well-being and inclusivity. For the first time, we’ve added a new section to the report about community safety and well-being, which describes some of the ways that we’ve invested in our community through policies, products and partnerships:

We continue to iterate and improve our transparency reporting. In this report, we have updated our section on community guidelines enforcement to be organised by policy category instead of action type, in order to provide a more holistic view of our content moderation actions within a policy category. Now, there is a section for each policy category that includes data on actions that we’ve taken to enforce that policy, such as the number of Pins and boards deactivated. It’s important to note that even with this new format, we’re still reporting all the same information that we included in our last transparency report.

Our mission is to inspire everyone to create a life that they love, and it guides our content moderation policies. We work hard to identify and deactivate harmful content on our site, and our policies and practices are always evolving to create a more positive corner of the Internet. We’re proud of the steps that we’re taking and we’re committed to providing greater transparency about how we keep Pinterest a safe and inspiring place.